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WOCV Notices: Board of Directors Meetings are held the last Thursday of the month.

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Please note that all board meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of the month unless otherwise noted. Thanks!!.

Trash and Recycling:
It is important to ensure your trash is properly secured to prevent blowing trash. All garbage MUST be placed inside an approved and registered can. Please remember to also store your trash and recycle cans out of view; in your garage. Violations will be issued if stored outside.

Dog Owners - Please Help!!:
Please remember that per the Community's rules and regulations that animals are not permitted to run at large, nor are dog tie-outs or dog runs allowed. The person accompanying the animal must remove animal waste deposited on common areas.

The Association has installed pet waste stations on all four corners of the community that are equipped with waste bags for you to use to clean up after your pet. It is also appropriate to spray water on the lawn after your furry family member does his/her business as to save the grass from being damaged.

While on site for our inspections, we have seen an increase in pet waste, as we do every year as snow melts, which also results in an increase in violation letters being sent. We will be very stringent with issuing these violation letters as we have in the past.

Please help keep Woodlands of Chatterton Village clean and looking good!
Thank you in advance for your help and support.

DTE Multifamily program:
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FHA Approved!!
The Woodlands of Chatterton Village is now FHA approved.

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