Suggested Vendors*

Please always refer and download supplied document listed under the 'Documents' header for full rules and Regulations.

WOCV Window Warranty
Midwest Door & Window: 734-462-3500

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer Vent Wizard: 866-498-7233 DryerVentCleaningNow
K&D Construction: 734-564-8980
McCarthy Home Solutions: 734-891-0791 McCarthyHomeSolutions

*Suggested vendors are provided as a service to our residence. KC Property Service does not endorse or guarantee services/goods provided by said vendors.


WOCV Rules and Regulations
Association Owner Automobile Information Form
Snow Removal and Salt Bucket Policy
Basketball court regulations
Pool rules
Responsibility grid
   (Dryer Vent Cleanings -- suggested vendors: Dryer Vent Wizard
   866-498-7233 and K & D Construction 734-564-8980)
WOCV Window Warranty (contact Midwest Door & Window)

Note Regarding the WOCV Pool

The pool is available for use by any Association Member that is in good standing with the Association. A representative of the Board of Directors or the management company may dismiss from the pool area any person who violates the rules, exhibits conduct unbecoming a proper adult, or who fails to show evidence of his/her rights to use the facility. The Board of Directors may also suspend an individualís pool privileges temporarily or permanently in cases of flagrant or continued violation of these provisions by disabling their keycard.