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WOCV Notices: Board of Directors Meetings are held the last Thursday of the month.

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Asphalt Project

Today in the early AM there were thunderstorms causing our property to retain water. After thorough inspections the North-Side sealcoating and crack filling project had to be postponed.

This notice serves as a third notification that Wednesday July 20th there will be hot patching, seal coating and crack filling of the asphalt to the Southside of the property. Please exercise extreme caution and lower your speed around these slow moving vehicles.

Please reference the attached color coded sight map for the seal coating project. The South side of the community will commence promptly on July 20th, 2016. No vehicle traffic will be permitted in the south side of the property on July 20th and 21st. This means no street parking, no driving, no parking lot parking, or standing. ***ALL VEHICLES YOU INTEND TO USE DURING THE DAY AND EVENING WILL NEED TO BE REMOVED BY 8 A.M. FROM YOUR GARAGES AND/OR STREET PARKING. Vehicle access will not be permitted to the South side of the property until Friday July 22nd. Towing of parked vehicles will occur if not removed by 8am.

If you have packages scheduled for delivery, it is your responsibility to make arrangements or inform the carrier they can deliver the package by foot.

Trash and recycling will be permitted please place all cans in the grass to be picked up no earlier than Thursday morning. The fresh sealant must cure overnight.

You will be able to drive on the street once the cones have been removed which is approximately 24-48 hours from the beginning of the project. Please refrain from any foot traffic on the asphalt during this duration as well, if possible.

Important safety reminder: Co-owners and tenants will not be able to park in the fire lane of the community. If your vehicle is found parked on the identified side of the street, outside of the coved parking The Township of Canton will enforce towing.

Per the Fire Marshall you will need to find offsite parking this day(s) and evening. The Fire Marshall specifies that the side of the street adjacent to the fire hydrant is not useable to park, only coved out designated parking areas are permitted.

KC Property Service has contacted your sister property at Chatterton Village. They have allowed Woodlands of Chatterton Village their clubhouse and only the clubhouse area on their community for co-owners to park. This lot has approximately 20 spaces and will be a first come first serve. If you park outside of their clubhouse on their premises there is a likelihood you will be towed at your expense.

KC Property Service has also contacted Target off of Beck and Michigan Ave. The store manager has allowed the residences at Woodlands of Chatterton Village to park in their lot closest to Beck Road on this project’s day and night.

Towing will be enforced if you impede the project by Chandler’s Car Care 734.765.3244. Please check the sandwich board and the website for updates.

Your prompt attention in this matter is greatly appreciated. The north-side will be rescheduled and a date will be provided to the community within a week’s time frame.

All questions will need to be directed to KC Property Service, LLC at 248.586.9700.
Thank you,
Kimberly Mosey - Property Manager, KC Property Services
An agent for Woodlands of Chatterton Village
For more information please download document.

Good afternoon, Woodlands of Chatterton Village Co-owners and Tenants,

In an effort to improve service and communication efforts, the Woodlands of Chatterton Village Homeowners Association Board of Directors, in collaboration with KC Property Service, is launching the first annual resident information drive and satisfaction survey. The purpose of this survey is twofold: to update the Association’s records for all units, including co-owners and tenants; and to solicit feedback from all residents about your satisfaction with KC Property Service, which issues are viewed as most critical to tackle during the coming year, and how the Association disseminates important communications. As you hopefully know, the Board of Directors is comprised of your neighbors, serving on the Board in an uncompensated capacity; although we hope we’re tackling issues of import to the community, we really value your feedback on our little corner of Canton, especially given that attendance at the monthly meetings continues to be quite low.

Please take a moment to complete this very brief online survey WOCV Resident Survey.

To be clear, we are asking all residents -- co-owners and tenants -- to complete this form. Therefore, in many cases, we will receive two complete surveys for a single unit, one from the co-owner and one from the tenant – that’s okay! None of the information collected in this survey will be shared with third-party organizations; all information will be owned and maintained by the Association.

Help us improve the Association’s records, which will in turn allow the Board and KC Property Service to serve our community more efficiently and effectively. Your feedback on the most important issues facing the community will also help us prioritize our very limited resources and to begin planning for longer term projects associated with an upcoming increase in monthly Association dues.

And, in case you missed it, here again is the link to the online survey: WOCV Resident Survey.

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The Woodlands of Chatterton Village is now FHA approved.

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